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In 2015, in collaboration with a research team specialized in arthralgia ointments, Daymond Pharmaceuticals began its experiments and completed its patent process after one year of follow-up and various studies.

ادامه مطلب

The Trophy of the Top Startup Award in 2014

With the constant efforts of its marketing team in the early months of complicated production procedures, Daymond Pharmaceuticals was shortlisted for 2014 Top Startup award, giving its experienced marketing and sales professionals an incentive to continue on the path to success and promote creativity.

ادامه مطلب

Nanoparticle Article

In 2015, conducting extensive research by its team of scientists on menthol medicinal nanoparticles, Daymond Pharmaceuticals achieved good results and published the results of the study in collaboration with Journal of Medicinal Plants.

ادامه مطلب

Daymond Pharmaceuticals

بIn spring 2014, it was the beginning of a gathering of pharmacy and marketing professors alongside production experts in Iran that led to the establishment of Teb Tabi’yi Sabz Daymond Pharmaceutical Company. Epidemics and severe illnesses and periods of low-impact medications, as well as extensive experience in marketing various pharmaceutical products and formulating unique medicines, led Daymond Pharmaceuticals to bring a creative marketing team together with experienced pharmaceutical professors to create a wonderful experience in Iran’s pharmaceutical industry. Through extensive research and advanced experimentation, Daymond Pharmaceuticals has achieved remarkable results in the formulation of natural medicines. Daymond Pharmaceuticals has the capability of producing high-efficacy products and the ability to upgrade products tailored to clinical trials and physicians’ feedback to grant health to patients.


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